Woodside Energy

HXM Move from SAP On-Premise to ECP

Industry: Food & Beverage
Region: Asia-Pacific Japan
Woodside Energy


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The Client:

Woodside Energy

Woodside Energy is an Australian petroleum exploration and production company. Woodside is the largest operator of oil and gas production in Australia and also Australia’s largest independent dedicated oil and gas company.

The Project:

HXM Move powered by the Nexus Move
Woodside Energy were on SAP On-Premise since the mid-2000’s and are moving to ECP / EC via a Nexus Move powered migration with remediation (i.e. Enterprise Restructure, Configuration Rationalisations etc)

The Outcomes and Benefits

Saved 6-9 months of work with 730% ROI

Saved 6 to 9 months of time of effort by an SAP functional resource.

Saved 6 – 9 months of consulting fees, when compared to the cost of the software equates to a return on investment of over 730%.

The day after the configuration was shifted, Woodside Energy were running payroll within ECP and comparing the results between ECP and their SAP On-Premise production environment for a subset of around 500 employees through the use of the Nexus Suite Payroll Verification Module.

Woodside Energy has the full history of their employee master data available from within their Employee Central Payroll environment.

Go-Live took approximately, half a second per employee, for 3.3K employees which is approximately 45 minutes. This included all master data, time & payroll results data, audit log data etc.

There’s no reason not to move to the cloud with the Nexus Suite

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