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HXM Move from SAP On-Premise to ECP

Industry: Retail
Region: Asia-Pacific Japan
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The Client:

Coles Group Limited

Coles Group Limited is an Australian-based company that operates predominantly in the retail industry. The Company sells various products, including fresh food, groceries, household goods, liquor, fuel and financial services through its store network and online platforms.

The Project:

HXM Move powered by Nexus Move
The Coles Group were on SAP On-Premise for 13 years and are moving to ECP / EC via a Nexus Move powered migration with remediation (i.e. Enterprise Restructure, Configuration Rationalisations etc).

The Outcomes and Benefits

Saved 12 months of work with 1,000% ROI

Saved 12 months of consulting fees, when compared to the cost of the software, equates to a return on investment of over 1,000%.

Coles Group have the full history of their employee master data available from within their Employee Central Payroll (ECP) environment and thanks to the Nexus Suite were able to easily address a critical business need to allow retrospective payroll processing as far back as 3 months prior to the Go Live date in Employee Central!

The day after the configuration was shifted, Coles were running payroll within ECP and comparing the results between ECP and their SAP On-Premise production environment for a subset of employees from each payroll area through the use of the Nexus Suite Payroll Verification Module. When the time came for payroll parallel testing, Coles were able to repeatedly compare the entire almost 120,000 strong workforce using the Payroll Verification module, ensuring the success of each parallel testing phase within a matter of hours.

During the Coles implementation the Configuration Analysis Module was used on multiple occasions in order to identify, analyse and replicate the numerous ‘Delta’ configuration changes that occurred within their SAP On-Premise landscape into the Coles’ new EC Payroll landscape thereby ensuring that ECP didn’t stagnate from the original migration and was always up-to-date.

Go-Live for the entire workforce was completed over a cut-over period of 4 days, in order to ensure the majority weekly paid workforce faced no interruptions. The entire 120,000 staff (with full payroll history back to the year 2005) were migrated to Employee Central Payroll from the SAP On-Premise system by the Nexus Suite Data Replication Module in only 23 hours which equates to less than 2 seconds per employee.

The Nexus Suite HCM Reporting Module is the backbone of the Coles reporting function, providing key payroll data and metrics for:          

- Payroll Control Centre validations every pay (weekly and monthly) for almost than 120,000 staff.          
- Self Service access for store managers to scheduled report output, and also self-service ad hoc report requests.          
- Regular reporting across the entire workforce for all aspects of Coles reporting needs.          
- Self Service access to staff to ad hoc forms (such as employment verification letters).          

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Cameron Amling, Head of Corporate Systems

Coles Group was able to leverage the Nexus Suite to quickly and easily migrate from our existing SAP On-Premise system to Employee Central Payroll while also allowing us to perform retrospective payroll processing prior to the Go Live date in Employee Central. For Coles this was a huge benefit due to the nature of our business. The Nexus Suite Payroll Verification Module was invaluable in ensuring that each of our 120,000 team members were compared and any differences identified and analysed to ensure that payroll was being calculated exactly the same way between Employee Central Payroll System and SAP On-Premise.

We’ve previously worked with other 3rd party solutions supporting payroll migrations. Although none of them match the completeness of migration, the level of granularity and most of all speed of the Nexus Suite. We absolutely highly recommend the Nexus Suite, which is rivalled by none. Launch! will therefore include the use of the Nexus Suite in all migrations and we’ll also encourage our customers to continue using the tool for BAU activities as well . Our next payroll migration with the Nexus Suite has already started

There’s no reason not to move to the cloud with the Nexus Suite

Talk to our team today about your migration from SAP On-Premise to SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite. The Nexus Suite expands upon SAP making it simpler, faster and more efficient to operate, migrate and update.
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